Do Bandcamp support gapless albums? Make it interactive. [How to effectively promote your ... Bandcamp offers two unique ... and you should always be on the lookout for new and creative ways to promote your music online. Wheres the volume control? Share on Facebook; ... Promote my songs Its a Lets say it, Bandcamp is one of the greatest things to happen to artists looking to go it on their own. Social media is a terrific platform to interact with your fans. All Jordan fell in love with dance at the age of four, and soon after commenced training in dancing singing and acting. It used to be making your own website. Such is definitely the case with Bandcamp, a platform where you really need to think about tags and other things that you can set in your artist profile settings. 2. Bandcamp is one of the great places for you to sell your music. Learn 7 music marketing tips in this article full of current examples! 1. All of us have liked an artist before because we enjoyed the music, only to later unlike after a ridiculous influx of annoying, overly promotional, one-directional content. Using Bandcamp to promote and sell your music. Learn how to optimize your Bandcamp tags and structure so that you can better attract new fans. RAM 'Rod' available November 3rd, 2017. Picking your music sub-genres (tags) to promote on Bandcamp. 8. Touring DJ / Producer Mass x Dance x Functions TableTurnerDJs Booking Info: Bandcamp is a great and effective tool to promote and sell your music, but only if your profile is up to par. You can get a band page, ... 3 Best Places to Promote Your Music. A few mistakes on Bandcamp can have a big effect on the results of the often grueling work that is recording and promoting music. Run promotions on products to generate more sales. Yesterday, we featured a post where SoundCloud shared some of the Best Campaigns of 2011. Get Promoted To More Than 30000 Followers On Soundcloud For Free. If it had been as much as you, youd spend all of your time writing and performing. As part of a series called Remembering Jason Molina, Im collecting stories about Jason and his impact on songwriters, musicians, and music writers. 1 October 2015. Check out for new tracks, videos, trailers, special offers, info, and more. Find the best and avoid the scams. Top 10 providers to buy SoundCloud Plays & followers, based on both expert & customer reviews. A few services like Bandcamp and Soundcloud allow their users to collect emails of their fans. From a musician perspective, the back end of the site gives easy access to analytics, so that you can get information such as where your audience is and what songs they like There is no other strategy that works as well as marketing your music Federal Prism: Offering Stems for Remixes Federal Prism, a record label co-founded by TV On The Radio's Dave Sitek, is taking a new approach to remixes by releasing stems for new music before it's Sending newsletters to your fans is a great way to promote your music. By Malcolm Fraser. Forums the unsung hero. Ask artists on the compilation to help get the word out.